University work (Design and Make)

'When Frankenstein Came to Matlock' - by Kevin Fegan, Youth Group, Mansfield Palace Theatre
Kevin was a resident playwright at Mansfield Palace Theatre and I participated in a collaborative project to design and make the set for his latest play. I was in charge of the props along with 1-2 other people, and everyone was involved with construction and scenic painting. Our budget for this piece was very tight so we had to resort to a lot of compromises and trying to make the most of finding a lot of prop pieces for free or at a very low cost.

Work based on 'Dr Faustus' - by Christopher Marlowe (1604)

We were asked to choose from a selection of plays and come up with suitable designs for a touring/portable set and props, and then make some of the set pieces ourselves. We chose to make the mask and the puppet pieces. The mask was representing the characters of the Good Angel and the Bad Angel (vacuum formed and painted) and the puppet was the character Dr Faustus himself (chicken wire for the overall shape covered in papier mache, the final outer layer are words taken from the Bible. The head was carved from foam, covered in papier mache again, painted, and the hair was made out of hemp rope which was separated).