About Me

"I found Lara via Stage Jobs Pro after searching for a talented prop maker in the Leeds area. Her first project for us was to make an “Audrey” hand puppet for our performance of “Little Shop Of Horrors”. I was extremely impressed with the quality of Lara’s work and the finished prop was exactly what I was looking for, if not better! I have since re-employed Lara as a freelance prop maker for various other jobs including a realistic TV camera, and a WW2 wedding cake, both of which were completed to a very high standard and were made within very tight deadlines. I would highly recommend Lara as a prop maker; she is always pleasant, polite and gets the job done to an exceptional standard."
            - Partnership Events and Entertainment Limited, UK
A bit about me...

I was born and raised in Japan for 13 years and left for the UK to study English, only to end up staying there for 13 years, how time flies! Throughout my life I have always had an interest in the arts, mainly theatre and film. My mother took me to the theatre since I was about 12, mainly to traditional Japanese Kabuki productions in Tokyo, and my father has always 'educated' me and my siblings about films. I think I remember him saying "a good way to judge a person is to find out what kind of films they like&dislike"...  Having spent half my life in Japan and the other half in the UK, me and my fiance decided to jet off to New Zealand at the end of 2011 for a new beginning and hopefully stay for the long term. New Zealand is a beautiful country and we're hoping this place will make a positive and refreshing change.


I went to Nottingham Trent University between 2005 - 2008 and studied BA(Hons) Theatre Design. I studied set design for the majority of the time (learning how to make a scale model set, analyzing plays, researching and presenting) and I enjoyed the experience and gained some good skills. I had a chance to make a puppet and mask, did a placement for a few weeks at Rocket Scenery company in Nottingham, and got involved with a realized production piece called 'When Frankenstein Came to Marlock' at Mansfield Palace Theatre which was a collaborative piece in designing and making. (Examples of my University work can be found in 'MY WORK' page). I graduated with a 2:1.

Post University...

After leaving University, I thought it was important for me to gain more prop making experience as that was one of my main interests I developed from the course. The course did not concentrate a lot on the skills for prop making and I didn't have enough confidence in this field, so I joined my fiance in Leeds and did some work experience at the West Yorkshire Playhouse for 6 weeks, and then I was offered temporary work to get involved with 'His Dark Materials' production. It was a great experience for me working there as I gained insight into how the props department worked, watched other people's work, gained some advice, and learned some good tips and key skills. It was amazing to watch the team make props to such a high standard.

Since then I worked from home in Leeds as a freelance prop maker and worked occasionally at the Q-Division Work Shop based in Leeds whenever they needed a extra hand. Unfortunately, the only down side is that work is not regular and income is very low so I have been doing other 'normal jobs' to keep me afloat financially. I still have a lot to learn and I am still in my early stages, but when work does come in it's very rewarding and I gain enormous satisfaction and enjoyment out of it. Now that I've started a new life in New Zealand it's back to zero trying establish myself in the theatre industry here, but I'm hoping slowly things will come together. In the mean time, I'm enjoying getting to know this country and beautiful Wellington city where I am now based.